Installation Services​​

We offer Installation and Maintenance Services of Oil and Gas Platforms.
Control Equipment on Onshore and Offshore Platforms
Pressure Valves
Control Valves
Safety Equipment
Maintenance operation of Control valves, Pressure valves
Installation of Pressure Vessels
Maintenance of Pressure Vessels

Our team of professionals are working round the clock to keep oil platforms at optimum production capacity.

We can assist platform operators in developing the right maintenance schedule for their platform – to reduce cost and production downtime. Platform owners and operators would make significant savings and reduce disruption when they employ our services and migrate from a preventive time factored maintenance schedule to our improved and efficient predictive maintenance model. Our solution is backed by a combination of experienced engineers, technicians, data analyst, data virtualization setup, process managers and very fast processor powered diagnosis devices.

Inspection and diagnoses of control valves: We would generate detailed report on the health of your platform control valves, pressure valves and vessels. Utilizing latest travel and pressure channel data acquisition devices, our technicians and engineers will tactically diagnose and ascertain a valves health without disrupting production

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We partner with multinational service companies to secure flexible engagement models, leveraging on our Nigerian based delivery capability. We employ sustainable solutions for low-cost, high-tech methods and materials